Lagerkvist & Söner

Past Success

Our mission is to contribute to the development your business, organization and markets

Market expansion

We assisted a major Swedish IT-company with their expansion.

A number of contacts with possible local partners in two different regions were established by us. After an initial screening of the prospects we managed a local introduction between our client and a smaller selected group.

Our screening focused on the prospects commercial potential, market history and general market profile.

Application process, EU-funding

We managed the application process for a major international EU-project involving four different regions in Scandinavia.

Feasibility study for a national system in bank automation

We managed a feasibility study covering both technical and organizational aspects for a national system in bank automation. As a second step we also participated in a general market study assessing growth potential and possible market penetration.

The first study focused for instance at detailed technical solutions, assessments of current infrastructure, possible software solutions and a general risk analyze.

Risk analyze for a Dubai based construction company

We managed a complete study on an existing construction company with focus at for instance historical cost structure and comparative performance. Part of the study also contained general recommendations on issues for management and internal control.

Business plan

Our customer was a UAE based service company. We established a complete business plan for the creation of a new service division including market plans, budgets, cash flow projections, recommended organization and proposed activity plans. The preparations included a comprehensive market study.

For all our customer cases we maintain a strict code of privacy to protect our client's business and commercial interests. Some of our clients are, however, willing to give statements about us and our services.

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